Saturday, January 26, 2008

About The traveling sketchbook Project

The Project is a collaborative experiment attempting to follow 50 visual journals throughout their travels in the state of Utah from February 2008 through February 2009. The intent is to provide a vehicle for creative interaction between art educators, artists and strangers.

This project is an attempt to do two things. First, to help art interested people make connections with each other, and those they associate with through the passing of the Traveling Sketchbooks - person to person during the course of this upcoming year. Secondly, to chronicle and map the journey of these books and share the images, writings, etc. with the community.

This dynamic interaction between participants and what they share in the pages of these books should be an exciting journey.

How it Works

The Traveling Sketchbook project was launched at the UAEA annual conference held in February 2008. From this group of art educators these Journals will be passed on to those who are interested in adding something to their pages; a story, drawing, photograph, anything really. Then they pass the journal along, to a colleague, friend or stranger, and the adventure continues.

Rediscover Your Creativity

It has also been interesting to discover that the very system which instructs and produces artists in schools, generally causes art teachers to stop producing art. Here is an opportunity to rediscover your creative side and express your thoughts, either
visually or in words. These sketchbooks will spread out into the community and will return within the next year.

procedural guidelines

When you receive this sketchbook add a drawing, painting, collage, and or your thoughts (anything really) about art on the next double page spread. Please put your email, name and zip code on your page so we can give you credit and also track the book.
Come to this site and drop us a note about what book number you have and scan the page you added, if you can, and email it to us You can also post a comment here.
Pass this sketchbook on to someone who you think would enjoy this and contribute to it. Contact us via this blog or email (our preferred method) if you run out of people to hand it to.
If the sketchbook is full look here on this blog or website for a return address or drop off location or email us and we’ll arrange for its safe return so we can share the journal with others.